Social Networking: Changing the way we communicate and do business.


Social networking is a strange phenomenon that is changing the way people communicate and interact. It is like a religion; a user can be an Excited Evangelist, a Bedside Baptist, or simply a Non‐Believer.

Although some (Bedside Baptists and Non‐Believers) believe that use of social networking Web sites is a one‐sided value proposition (time waster or distraction), I will argue that social networking Web sites

hold significant potential for businesses and consumers. The primary benefit for consumers is the ability to get connected and stay connected to friends, family, and colleagues. Some would add that social

networking provides the ability to interact in an environment that lets users filter out the noise of unwanted/unrelated advertisements. For example, Facebook can be a valuable marketing tool for

generating business leads and sales. It also provides advertisers the ability to target specific consumer segments. Leveraging social networking can be a rewarding experience but, as in most business

opportunities, there is also a flip side to the benefit coin. In this position paper, I will provide evidence that Facebook can be useful in generating business leads and direct sales. To support this theory, I will

explore the history of social networking, explain who social network users are, and, finally, explore how a business can use Facebook and other social networking tools to generate revenue.

Click on the link next to the icon below to download a PDF version of the complete paper.

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